The value we place on hair

Let’s talk about the value we place on hair.

I understand most people don’t value their hair the same as others. We all place things differently on the levels of importance.

Hair is obviously high on my list. That’s why I’m a Stylist.

To me, hair walks in the room much more powerfully than a high end handbag, or shoes, or jewelry, even clothes. Because it stays on you to compliment you daily.

I think about the cost of top quality hair & the artists that deliver it. (I do know quite a few)

I break it down like this

For one night in a nice hotel, just for the bed, is the amount I could get about 2 months of beautiful color.

For a weekend in Tahoe I have that beautiful color plus the fullness & body 1-2 Rows of NBR gives me. (Depends on the type of weekend) 
Snowboarding in Heavenly? Make that 3 rows of LONG NBR hair 😂

For the amount I pay for two days of food, drink & entertainment, I can maintain that beautiful full rich colored mane every 2 months.

I value short weekends away almost as much as I value feeling great about how I show up & walk into a room every single day.

Not to mention that trip to Target out of boredom, where I find about $200 worth of things I didn’t know I even wanted is 8 weeks of great color. Or that nice dinner out with drinks, or the coffee shop trips that add up.

Jacki SpellmanComment