The heart wrenching reason a lot of women want extensions

Jacki Spellman LS

October 12 · 

In my consultation application form there’s a question asking what is it about NBR that has your ready for a consultation with me?

A lot of answers I read get me choked up. I can feel the pain in the words women write on there. I read every single one, even when it’s not completed.

It sinks in for me why I actually chose to change my career into doing Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

There are stories of hair loss caused by post partum, weight loss, illness, extreme stress, hormonal issues, malnutrition through disease or eating disorders, or some just born with shitty hair. I sit and listen to their stories and I can feel their pain. I love these women and want to help.

All these things can cause hair loss in women, although they may have recovered & triumphed from various challenges. The one thing that remains true is their hair causes them a lack in confidence.

Lack in confidence goes a long way inside a woman’s life in not feeling good about what’s in the mirror, but the opposite reigns true as well. Even more so. High confidence levels not only change the way you see yourself, but the way the world sees you.

That spills over into how women show up every day as a wife, a mom, & even into their career.

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