When you have skinny hair problems.


It's not always length we're after in doing Hand Tied Extensions.

I see guests who are just really unhappy with how fine and flat their natural hair is. They can't get the style they want out of their natural hair, it won't hold a curl well, & lacks volume.

It's frustrating to put work in styling your hair just to have it go limp again quickly.
Some people really only want or need extensions added for some fullness.

In this case we added only one row of NBR Extensions & shortened her length a little bit.
Hand Tied Extensions allowed me to fill in the sides that were sparse & give her that thick full hair she really wants! 

We custom colored them to add more dimension into her beautiful ginger color!

I really love these modest NBR transformations the most because they truly don't look like extensions at all!

Her hair looks amazingly full & the extra dimensional color added no extra stress to her natural hair color!