People will stare... THEY BETTER with Lifted event styling!


You’re invited to THE event of the year! Maybe it’s a wedding, maybe YOUR Wedding is THE event of the year!

We naturally go for that perfect attire first, accessories next. But what REALLY finishes the look is hair & makeup! You can’t possibly look polished & complete without it.

When you really want to make an appearance, turn to your stylist! It’s my job to select the best silhouette & hair style for what my client is wearing and the mood of the event.


When we’re talking about styles, I’m asking a lot of “non-hair questions” like, where is the event? Is there at theme or a mood? Who’s hosting? What does your dress look like? What is the cut, & the neckline? This all is SO IMPORTANT to the finished look.

I’m also assessing my client’s face shape, their body type, & their personality. Extrovert? Introvert? Boho? Classic? Glam? Vintage enthusiast? It all matters.


Because I’m not just worried about the hair, I’m concerned with the entire look. I also happen to really LOVE talking clothes, fashion & event happenings! I really encourage people to add me to their Pinterest board if they have one dedicated!

I don’t stop at just the style, although there are a lot of product, tools & techniques we use to execute a great style.


•A HAIRCUT or trim is super important to having a polished style! Healthy hair & clean ends, especially if your ends are visible, are really important

•HAIR COLOR! If you REALLY want that style to shine, dimensional hair color enhances the contrast of your curls, the twists or braids in your up style. Highlights & lowlights really being a style to life! When your color is fresh & treated well, it’s also super shiny & reflective, you get that added volume too.

Event styling is my first love, I love the work, the artistry & the excitement around attending or hosting a great event. It’s always such a fun appointment. My client’s reactions to wearing a hair style they normally wouldn’t is priceless! I wish it was an everyday thing, but unfortunately “Gatsby Wednesdays” aren’t a thing yet.

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Jacki SpellmanLifted Salon