The momprenuer stylist secrets

By Jacki Spellman

I’m 34 years old & at an age where it can be hard to take the time to stop & care for myself. But imperative I do to feel pretty & keep my mind too.

As a mom of young ones, a wife & a business owner everyone needs my attention.

Most women my age can relate. Women in their 50’s, who seem pretty relaxed to me, tell me “oh ya girl, I remember!”
ITS THE GRIND AGE PEOPLE! But it’s also can be super exciting as we build our own little empires. Both in our homes & out.


BEAUTY HACKS ARE LIFE & keeping tweezers in the car & basically everywhere else. (those damn chin hairs will magically appear these days).

Dry shampoo, & extensions, both lash & hair are EVERYTHING! They basically allow me take time for myself monthly. But DAILY keep my hair & face in order without trying too hard. My Hand Tied Hair Extensions hold a style for DAYS & thick gorgeous hair makes everything look good! I either dry shampoo or just wash & style the natural top crown of my head. Lash extensions completely cut out the need for mascara, eyeliner, & eyeshadow. Thats an extra 20 minutes a day right there and I wake up feeling pretty!

Cute hats will tell you that I may just really need to shampoo my hair. If i’m wearing a dress, I probably just needed to run out of the door. Emergency car makeup kit for that quick concealer & lip retouch in the parking lot.

My routine to look good can be as little as 10 minutes. What used to take an hour or more. (Well it is an hour on wash & style days)

I make sure to LOOK GOOD because it makes me FEEL GOOD & I chose STYLIST as a career. The number one job you better look damn good for!

If you’re interested in my hair services to make your hair life better & easier, contact me at!

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