Dry Hair, Dry Skin, Dry Scalp, Oh My!

By Kaitlyn Reese

It’s officially that time of year again! Chapped lips, cracked skin, itchy scalp, frizzy/brittle hair. Nobody WANTS to talk about it, but we can all agree that we need help in this seasonal battle. With so many beauty pages online these days, you may run across a multitude of “hacks” and obscure concoctions to cure these cold weather woes. We are here to kick the oddly colored, messy mixtures and give some very clear solutions and suggestions to get you through this dry patch (Am I punny enough yet?).Luckily, Eufora and most top-shelf product lines have addressed these issues with one or more products they offer. Lifted Beauty carries Eufora; we are partial to their concentrated aloe-base and reliable, ethically sourced ingredients.

Let’s start with the easy one, scalp nourishment. the Eufora AloeTherapy Promise is an incredible resource for eliminating itch and dandruff. The Soothing Hair-Body Cleanse and Soothing Conditioner both aid in moisturizing as well as balancing the scalps natural pH to stop itch and discomfort. If your discomfort and flakes don't clear up with these options, we recommend contacting a dermatologist for diagnosis and medical-based recommendations.

Moving on to skin health; Whether its dry, cracked, or flaky, you are most likely in need of gentle cleaners and deep-penetrating moisture. During the cold months, non-stripping, non-drying, and soothing cleaners in combination with heavy hand creams and body butters create a breathable, moisturizing barrier. The quality of the ingredients will have a major effect on just how far the good stuff absorbs. Anything with petroleum jelly or petroleum by-products will sit as a pore-sealing barrier on the skin, not allowing absorption of moisture or nutrients and preventing proper skin health. To avoid these pesky additives, we recommend AloeTherapy Soothing Hair-Body Cleanse, Soothing Body Moisturizer, and Soothing Lip Moisturizer.

Pro-tip: AloeTherapy Moisture Mist is a great option if moisture creams are too heavy on your face!  

And finally, dry hair. When it’s dry, it may feel frizzy and unmanageable. There will be noticeably more split ends or breakage as the winter months set in. For some of us, it feels as if there isn't enough conditioner or serum in the world to combat these concerns.

The path back to healthy, nourished hair begins with washing/conditioning with essential cleansing products from Beautifying Elixirs, Nourish, or Curl’N Promises. All 3 are packed with moisture and unique properties to benefit all hair types from the inside out. Next, you will want to include one or more of the following: B.E. Leave-In Repair Treatment or Nourish Beautifying Serum for continuous moisture, or Nourish Leave-In hydration for a protein-based pick-me-up in overly-damaged hair.

If you plan on blow-drying or heat-styling your hair, USE PROTECTION! Adding a heat barrier to your routine may be the saving grace for your hair this season. Every product in the EuforaStyle line has a form of heat protection added in. Our favorite is a blend of Sculpture (Styling glaze) and Illuminate (shine mist) on every client. The two create a color-lock treatment and a blow-dry serum that adds shine, soft movement, and a base for holding your style while protecting from the hot air. Once dry, the most impactful product for heat styling is Retain. It is a quinoa protein-based protective spray with light hold and a touchably soft finish.

Finally, if you just can’t kick that fragile feeling, Lifted offers customized treatments for all hair woes to bring the vitality back! Schedule a shampoo blow-dry and ask us about your best hair treatment!

For more information on each of these Eufora Promises and Products, check out https://eufora.net/products/  or contact us for tailored recommendations.

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