Why I Chose To Do Hand Tied Extensions


As a hair artist, I love having a big gorgeous canvas to work with. So that’s one reason.

But the truest of all my reasons is the pure joy & satisfaction of taking someone with really crappy  hair & turning them into someone with really amazing hair! 

I see a lot of women with Thyroid, autoimmune, hormonal issues (the list goes on) that cause hair loss or a serious lack of growth. Or maybe they just got genetically gypped & just didn’t get thick hair. 


These women come & sit in my chair & talk about how terrible their natural hair makes them feel & I truly feel for them so much! My heart hurts when I hear their stories & how their lack of hair affects their self image & self worth.  I’ve been brought to tears of empathy & then of course, joy with these women.

Hair may seem trivial to some, but to others, it affects self confidence immensely! I’m a “fixer” by nature, so of course I want to do what I can to help.

My old solutions were to cut it shorter & recommend some hair growth shampoos & just cross our fingers it worked for that individual. But even with hair growth systems, it’s slow results & the amount of hair is still limited, not to mention they don’t always work and I’m not a doctor. 


Other extensions weren’t an option because you can still see the attachments if the wind blows. Or their hair can’t hold the weight of them. I also hated the sticky adhesives or the damage they would cause! 


So in a search for something better, I discovered a new & better solution, Hand Tied Extensions! They can be attached in various methods that are appropriate for different individuals. 

I personally use NBR & as of Feb 14 2019 SKW methods. These are the most safe, gentle, comfortable & versatile methods for my clients that I’m aware of so far & I’m always researching!

 SKW in particular is the first and only method created by a medical professional, nurse practitioner & eliminates contact dermatitis & traction alopecia resulting from other methods.


Since there is no tape or glue at the top, just a sewn weft of hair, I can color them to blend perfectly with my client’s hair color. #1 camouflage technique! 

When I lay the foundation with the specific methods I use, it allows me to disburse the weight off of all of her hair. So I’m able to add a lot more hair for someone that may otherwise not hold the weight with tapes, fusions or bonds. 

It takes a meticulous study & practice to learn these methods. Since every head is completely different in density, texture, shape, & color. Great care is taken to make sure their sustainable, versatile, comfortable & camouflage. 


What I do for women isn’t just making pretty hair. It’s giving them confidence they’ve never experienced before. 

The ability to walk into a room & own it, rather than try to blend into the back of it. To stand tall & smile big because they don’t have to worry about how having shitty hair makes them look & feel. 

Most all women love to feel pretty & love pretty things. I Lift other women up by making them feel beautiful & confident. From that comes those extra compliments from others it’s an amazing cycle.

We rise by lifting others. The best women genuinely compliment each other & it feels so good when you’re going out, getting validation & getting Lifted.

Jacki Spellman