Let It Go and Pause

I’m a workaholic, I’m compelled to work. Meaning, I don’t just do what I do because I should or I have to, I’m naturally drawn to it all the time. Im SO guilty of forgetting to pause!

I mean, come on! I basically paint & pet gorgeous hair all day! Then I get to play photographer & share pretty hair to the rest of the world. It’s addictive, the feeling that comes from creating beauty for others.

My work is my career, my passion, & my hobby. I was born for this so the the lines get pretty blurry there. I don’t go to work & then do what I enjoy as far as hobby’s go on my time off.

That’s me, hyperfocusing. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Cloney, the best ride or die.

That’s me, hyperfocusing. Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Cloney, the best ride or die.

I get wrapped up in my Hair Color or Extension work especially, & forget to eat, drink enough water, move my body & sweat.

I have to set parameters on myself. To take care of myself every day inside my personal “me time,” my family, friends & my business.

We are actually more productive when we pause & balance ourselves.

I tend to give myself the excuse, I’ll do _____________ for myself once I get this project done. Then all of a sudden I’m on to the next project & the next. Then I’m exhausted, hungry, dehydrated & I didn’t even say what’s up to God or meditate. Those days feel the worst.

If you are like me, a hyper-focused grinder. Take time to consistently pause to take care of yourself & your family as well. I really have to force myself to go to yoga some days.

Like today, I’m writing this & promising myself “later”. Its hard to be consistent with an inconsistent work load. But you’ll find yourself much more productive in the long run!

If you fall out of balance, give yourself some grace & try to get back on it again starting with time for yourself first! If you’re not taken care of, I promise you don’t have the energy reservoir needed to give to your family or business.

Schedule in your “Me Time” & come #GetLifted. Hang with us for some beauty and much needed girl time! Then schedule a dinner date after because good hair should never go to waste!

Get Lifted ❤️ Jacki Spellman

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